Dimensional Analysis

conversion factors single unit  double unit  Review


Intro To Chemistry

Intro To Chemistry Matter & Change Scientific Measurement review101x118


Atomic Structures and Electrons

history of the atom  subatomic particles  electron configuration  light calculations  Review


Periodic Table



Ce Pt PR



The Mole

Mo Mc  3c  Mp  PC  Em Mole Review

Chemical Nomenclature

Cc Ih Ic an Mn Review

Types of Reactions

Balancing Equations

Synthesis & Decomposition Reactions

Single & Double Replacement Reactions

Combustion Reactions

Mixed Types of Reactions Practice

Net Ionic Equations

Types of Reactions Review


Stoichiometry Calculations

Limiting & Excess Reactant

Percent Yield

Stoich Review

Gas Laws & States of Matter

Gas Law Introduction

Gas Law Equations

Mixed Gas Law Practice

Solids and Liquids

Gas Laws & States of Matter Review


Thermochemistry Concepts

Calculations with “q”


Heat Curve


Thermochemistry Review

Bonding and Structures

Valence Electrons and Charges (Intro into Bonding and Structures)

Ionic & Metallic Bonds

Covalent Bonding: Lewis Dot Structures

Covalent Bonding: VSEPR (Molecule Shapes)

Covalent Bonding: Polarity & Intermolecular Forces

Bonding and Structures Review

Water and Solutions

Water Basics and Heat Curve

Solutions, Colloids, and Suspensions

Electrolytes and Hydrates

Rate of Solution and Solubility

Solubility Graph Practice WS

Water and Aqueous Systems Review

 Reaction Rate & Equilbrium

Reaction Rate 101

Rate Law

Chemical Equilibrium

LeChatelier’s Principle

Entropy, Enthalpy & Gibbs Free Energy

Reaction Rate & Equilibrium Review

Acids & Bases

Difference Between Acids and Bases (including indicators)

pH, pOH, [H+], & Calculations

3 Definitions of Acids and Bases

Naming Acids

Weak Acid/Base Equilibria Problems

Acid/Base Exam Review


Predicting Products of Neutralization Reactions

Titration Calculations


Neutralization Exam Review

Redox & Electrochemistry

Oxidation Numbers

Redox Reactions


Redox & Electrochem Exam Review

Nuclear Chemistry

Types of Nuclear Radiation

Nuclear Reactions

Half-Life & Carbon Dating

Fission & Fusion

Nuclear Exam Review