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  • Thumbs Up We asked what features you'd like to have added to 24/7 and we've been hard at work trying to choose our favorite suggestions and add them to site for you. There will be a lot of new things added to 24/7 this spring - watch to see if your idea makes it into 24/7! One of our favorite suggestions was to give you the ability to vote on videos like you can do on YouTube. Starting today, you can vote on the videos at the end of each lesson. Thumbs up to the students who suggested voting on your favorite videos!
  • Success 24/7 your personal, on-demand learning support. Click here to see a very quick, very brief photo tutorial of the system. Each lesson consists of a video, notes and an assignment. Some lessons will have additional optional content such as external links and/or video that reinforce the lesson's concept. Students must log in to view all content. All students taking high school level courses have access to the system. Students who need technical support can click here after logging in to submit a support request.

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